The multi head embroidery series
High speed embroidery series
Gold embroidery series
Winding (mixed) embroidery series
Towel embroidery series
Cap embroidery / embroidery series
A combination of mixed embroidery series
Quilting embroidery series

Cap embroidery / embroidery series


Main Features:
●5inch. 8inch , lOinch touch monitor computer selectable. Modern Design of operating panel, USB input port . Color LCD display showing real time stitching . Pre-sew design trace capable Emergency stop
●High Speed Up t0 850RPM
●Color-Change Mode: Step Color-change . Automatic Color Change. Auto color change according the design when in embroider.
●Thread Trimming system: Automatic Thread Trimmer. Solenoid thread holding, step motor thread trimming and catching.
●Needle Position Detecting : Rheostat . The machine has multi-heads and needles. can embroider several colors slitch flat designs at the same time, with auto trimmer function.
●Thread Break Detecting : Thread break detection .Thread take-up spring or chopping wheel .
●Machine will auto stop and show lhe thread breakage head position if the thread break orthe upper and udder thread used up when in the embroider
●Memory: 2 Million . Design Number :200. Afterthe design file input computer can keep forever, the memory storage up t0 2.000.000 stitches and store 200 samples.
●Language: Chinese, English. Turkish. French, Spanish, Portuguese.Arabic.korea
●Data Transfer Floppy Disk: Patlern input/output support USB updating.
●Network Function: Support multi-machine network, data transfer. state monitoring, operating though network. ●Electricity: 220V/50Hz .380W50HZ available
●The pantograph driver used AC step motor. let the movement fast and smooth.
●Choose different modal frames can embroider in different products such as Slopwork, Cap .gloves .cuffs and normal flat etc .
●Software limited spacing function, Convenient Slopwork and Cap embroider.
●Automatic control embroidery. no need manual operate. make the embroidery robotization and standardization ●Vast flexibility: With Standard International DSTDSB and ZSK design format.
●USB connection: Can through computer conneclion input and output design.

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