The multi head embroidery series
High speed embroidery series
Gold embroidery series
Winding (mixed) embroidery series
Towel embroidery series
Cap embroidery / embroidery series
A combination of mixed embroidery series
Quilting embroidery series

A combination of mixed embroidery series


Main Features:

★4 In l Embroidery
Combine the lockstitch, looping sequin and taping to make the more beautiful products

★Wholly separated control
Looping:D Axis Axis. Needle bar lifting, Trimming
Taping: Axis. Presser foot. Swing rod

★High Speed
Looping:650RPM: Taping:750RPM= Flat embroidery:850RPM

★Automatic shift of head and embroidery mode, Automatic color-changing
The heads and color positions needed in the pattern can be set in the color-changing sequence, There are 6 color positions for looping,9 for flat embroidery

Auto-adjustment on needle height
The Needle height can be set for 99 times at most in the color-changing sequence according to the pattern

★Head separation
Needle bar and presser at head can separate from the main shaft, thus to automatically finish the mending

★separate trimming in looping
The trimming device{S separately controlled .thus to automatically finish the mending

★Funclion of feedback control system: Applying feedback control system, it's able to make precise control Of needles and loop hook and il makes better embroidery,

★Standby function: after finishing certain embroidering. needles presser foot will automatically lift 27mm high.for the following embroidering

★High-speed-low-noise machine designing: It reaches 600 rpm for chain stitch and 850 rpm for flat embroidery; embroidering speed will be automatically Controlled during process of embroidering on the basis of differences of needles track; additionally, servo motors and are applied for main spare parts to perfectly act in concert with hightech electronics; all of these guarantee the low noise workng;

★Other main function





Main application

'XINGMA'4 in 1 Mixed Embroidery Machine is special type embroidery machine with high performanceprice ratio.interg rating flal, cording, sequins and looping, and it realized the combination of 6-color looping, colorful flat, sequins and cording embroidery.lts embroidery appears elegant.fashionable and is widely used for embroidering garments.curtains. bedding and crafts with potential development

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