The multi head embroidery series
High speed embroidery series
Gold embroidery series
Winding (mixed) embroidery series
Towel embroidery series
Cap embroidery / embroidery series
A combination of mixed embroidery series
Quilting embroidery series

Quilting embroidery series


Main features&function
.it widely used on large siza household and bedding products . such as maltress. bad covers.bedsheet etc
.1 8inch orlOinch computer. easy operate. easy fo learn. simple working
.1t allows do alternative selected heads embroidery for large size patlern
. High quality Quilting embroidery heads. machine are do precise design .which greatly improve lhe embroidery products accuracy .Using big size hook.improve working efficiency
. Main motor and XY all are servo molors.the machine responds correclly with the control.which also improves the precision of embroidery designs
. Apply Rollers inslead of pantograph
.achieve continuous quilling in Y direction . oprion:single sequin
. 1win sequins.aufo oiling system

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