The multi head embroidery series
High speed embroidery series
Gold embroidery series
Winding (mixed) embroidery series
Towel embroidery series
Cap embroidery / embroidery series
A combination of mixed embroidery series
Quilting embroidery series

Towel embroidery series


Main Features:
1.High speed operation at 700rpm has drastically increased productivity 2.Automatic change of 6 colors enables versatile multi color arrangement 3.A setting on the operation panel allows the operator to select desired colors 4.Embroidery computer control without human intervention, to achieve embroidery automation and standardization
5.According to choose different color pattern design configu ration, implementation to automatically change color in the embroidery
6.Can automatically adjust the length of towel Embroider trace
7.Can automatically change towel embroidery trace and chain embroidery trace.and aulomatically change to flat stitch embroidery trace

main application:

The looping/chain-stitch embroidery, featuring tVle strong 3D effect. sufficient gradation and beautiful color had broad prospects of development in fields of children's costume, home dress and lady's shoes&hat widely apply batch process in the Table cloth, Napkin.Bed.Blanket.P…owcase.Chilrden wear.Overpull. badge.Woollen blanket, Lady's Shirt.Cap.Cloth. Silk. linen etc

Coiling embroidery: This type of embroidery take full advantage of coiling lhread, core thread and embroidery thread, either change the thickness of co…ng thread, or change the colour of core thread, can making one design many different patterns. The fancywork give strong feeling of thread dimension. rich and colourful. improving the fancywork's added value greatly

※Simple&High Performance-price ratio
With the simple device.{he machine easily realizes the functions of chain-stitch co…ng and chain-stitch taping, user can produce the various kinds of embroidery with a low cost

This kit can be installed On the independent looping chain-stilch head, to realize the combination of chain-stitch embroidery and coiling

※Perfect mending embroidery
At mending embroidery, the heads with necessity of mending are working, the other heads remain still, so as to realize the sound mending function for chain stitch coiling and chain-stitch tapping

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